Have You Ever Dated Before?


Trevor had messaged Julie a few times before sending his phone number and asking her to call him. She declined stating she’d like to learn more about him through messaging first.

Really, she was turned off by his writing and wanted to find out if he was just too lazy to write a proper message or if he was uneducated. Months went by without receiving a message from Trevor and he was easily forgotten. Then Julie received a message and responded before looking at sender’s profile, something she rarely did. She was annoyed at herself for having responded because this was that same uneducated or lazy guy. She figured he was lazy since he stopped messaging her when she said she wasn’t ready to call him. His response to hers was to send his phone number again and ask her to call him.

Julie reminded Trevor that he’d messaged her months prior and she still wasn’t sure about calling him, especially since he ghosted on her before. He seemed to overcome his laziness about messaging, she figured, since he then sent his email address. Out of boredom, she emailed him a couple days later. A short email saying hello and she was so-and-so from the ‘site.’ He replied back something like, “hey beutiful.” Okay, so maybe he is uneducated. She replied back asking what type of work he did. She knew some uneducated men were successful, such as contractors, construction workers, carpenters, electricians, especially if they had their own companies. She decided to continue feeling him out.


Trevor’s reply about what he did for a living confused Julie. He wrote about starting a new job at Walmart part-time and that he still worked full-time. Okay, so maybe he’s illiterate, too. He didn’t answer my question. She replied back a congrats on his new part-time job at Walmart and asked again what he did for work; clarifying this time by asking the question twice and adding, ‘what is your career and your job title.’ He replied back in a couple days saying he was a maintenance worker and also had his flagger’s certification. He mentioned again that he’d like to hear her voice. She replied back suggesting they Skype. She didn’t want to give out her number yet. He wasn’t local and so the chances of him stalker here were slim, but she didn’t want him being motivated to look her number up online and finding out information about her. He said he didn’t have Skype, but would. She told him when he did it, to send his username so she could sent him a video chat invitation.


Trevor replied back to her after about four days, with a message that said read, “wyd.” Though she knew what that meant, she replied back, “What’s ‘wyd’?” Wow, he really is lazy to not type out ‘what are you doing?’ She knew she’d never see this guy or even call him. His pattern seemed to be emailing her every few days, saying how beautiful she was and how he’d like to talk to her. She reminded him that they were supposed to Skype which would give them the opportunity to ‘see’ each other without him having her contact information. His next email didn’t mention Skype, but he did ask, “when will I c u?’ She replied back with, “Have you ever dated before?” He quickly replied back, “yes, sweethart, I dated before.” She laughed at realizing he didn’t have any idea why she’d asked him that. She wrote back, “You asked when you would see me and that’s why I asked if you ever dated before. The way a guy usually sees a woman is by asking her out. You haven’t asked me out, so I don’t know when you’ll see me.” She hope he ghosted again and was relieved when he did.

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  1. Some people just put little effort into whatever they do, “fishing” and dropping several lines to see which bites. I think guys do that a lot.

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