It Really Is Me … I Promise – Part 2 of 2

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It Really Is Me – Part 1

Thomas texted Regina “GM” the next morning. She replied back, “Good morning.” She shook her head in continued disbelief as she tossed her phone aside. Later in the afternoon he texted again asking her out for lunch. “Did he not get the message?”

Apparently, he hadn’t. He’d previously texted asking what her day was like and she answered honestly, not thinking ahead to realize he was planning something. So, she met him at … you guessed it … Applebee’s. She went through the menu trying to find what she had a taste for since she wasn’t a fan of the establishment. She noted his menu page was open to the back page. You know the one, the “2 for $20” and “2 for $25” page.

Regina’s stomach turned because she knew there wasn’t any way she’d seriously consider dating this dude. She didn’t even feel bad about it, though she felt sad that he thought he had a chance with her. Thomas had brought her a teddy bear and a card to the date, which she received by tilting her head sideways for him to kiss her cheek. As soon as lunch was over, she’d only eaten half of hers, the date ended. He lingered at her car asking questions like, “Did you recently wash your car? Do you have gas in your car?” She answered, “No, I didn’t recently wash it and yes, I have gas in it otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to drive here.” Before he could ask anymore questions, she gave him a quick hug and got in her car.

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Regina later texted Thomas that she realized now wasn’t a good time for her to meet new people. She reasoned she was distracted with caring for a family member and trying to get back on track with her writing. He replied back, “Are you saying you’re not ready to talk to me?” He really is dense. With a sign she sent back, “I’m not feeling more than friendship right now, but if you want to hang out as friends, we can do that. I don’t want to lead you on.” He must have had his fingers on his phone waiting because he immediately replied back with, “Why? Is it me?” Hesitation was Regina’s voice of reason as she thought carefully of what to say without hurting his feelings. “No, it’s me,” she texted back. “I promise you, it’s me.” 

Regina’s reply was true. It was her. Okay, so you’re remembering what was written above about Thomas’ disabilities, lack of finances, lack of housing, unemployment. But, it really wasn’t him. He may be exactly what another woman wanted and needed. So, you see, it was Regina. She wanted someone who had enough disposable income to take her to nice restaurants, away on trips, long drives without worrying about how much gas was being used, and who was healthier. Thomas was a nice guy. He simply wasn’t the one Regina wanted. She wanted a man who had a little more than she had; a man who was independent like her. Thomas wasn’t that guy and it wasn’t his fault.

What would you have done if you were in Regina’s place?

It you were Thomas, would you have felt you were enough for an independent woman and ready to date?

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