Surprise Sex: Inspired by Byron Moss – Part 2 of 3


Surprise Sex Pt 1

Bryon’s arms drop down and he lifts my legs over his shoulders. He looks up at me and smiles before ducking his head between my thighs. I lean back against the mirror, knowing I’m in good hands. I relish in the moment of him sucking my lips. I place my hands on his shoulders, breathing slowly and deeply, enjoying every sensation tingling through my entire body.

Bryon’s tongue is warm inside my lips. His hands wrap around my ass and lifts me just enough to bring me closer to the edge of the sink; giving him additional access to my sex. His hands push my inner thigh outward as his tongue finds its home. My outer walls tighten around his tongue as it plunges in and out of me. I gasp as one of his fingers finds my nub.  

“Bryon, wait,” I say breathlessly. “You okay, baby,” He stops and looks up at me. I smile and lick my lips seeing my juices on his nose and chin. I reach down, grab his chin and pull him up to me. I lean up to press my body against his. I manage to lick his chin before his tongue finds mine.

“What happened?” Bryon speaks into my mouth between kisses. “Nothing. Well almost everything,” I laugh and bury my face against his chest. I begin nibbling on one of his nipples as I reach down to feel his shaft.

“You’re going to cause ‘everything’ if you keep doing that,” Bryon said as I feel pre cum beginning to seep from his opening. “Same time,” I say more as a statement than a question. “Same time,” he repeats me. He lifts me up and carries me into the bedroom. Laying me down gently, he moves his body over mine. I cause him to lose his balance by pushing him. He falls onto his back and I climb on top of him. I begin sliding my body down and he grabs my arms.  

“Same time,” Bryon said with a sly smile on his face as he pulls me back up. I bite the side of my bottom lip, close my eyes, and moan as I lower myself onto him. Slowly …

I’d love to read your comments on the above story. Have you ever began foreplay in the shower or immediately after finishing one?  

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