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Surprise Sex: Inspired by Byron Moss – Part 2 of 3 (#SexSaturday)


Surprise Sex Pt 1

Bryon’s arms drop down and he lifts my legs over his shoulders. He looks up at me and smiles before ducking his head between my thighs. I lean back against the mirror, knowing I’m in good hands. I relish in the moment of him sucking my lips. I place my hands on his shoulders, breathing slowly and deeply, enjoying every sensation tingling through my entire body. Continue reading

It’s Challenging to Find a “Real Man” (#TruthTuesday #DatingNotDating)

I read the book, “Think Like A Man,” by Steve Harvey. He said in his book that a man – a real man – will profess, protect, and provide for his woman. Well, I often wonder where these men are.

I don’t go out much and it’s with shame I admit I’ve tried several online dating sites. None of them worked out well.

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Friends with Benefits vs a Booty Call (#TruthTuesday)


“FWB” is the common acronym for the term “Friends with Benefits.” What it means is that you’re friends with someone with a sexual benefit. FWB is different from a “Booty Call,” which is when individuals get together for trysts without any other commitment. Most people don’t realize the difference between FWBs and booty calls, which prompted me to write this article. Continue reading

How To Touch a Woman: Lesson Two (#SexSaturday)


Lesson One: Be Gentle

Lesson Two: Be Attentive

Gloria had a male friend whom she LOVED having sex with. She said he was very attentive and she told him so one day. His response was, “What’s attentive?” Knowing Gloria, she laughed and then felt slightly annoyed that she had to conduct a vocabulary lesson. As she told me that quick little story, I began wondering how many others didn’t know what it meant.

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