Foreplay is the Best Play: The Couple Unites – Part 3 of 3


Lady’s First – Part 1 of 3 

The Gentleman’s Turn – Part 2 of 3

Robert’s lips found hers and he plunged his tongue into her mouth. Karen could still taste her sweetness on his lips. He regained the hold on her hair and gently yanked her head backward; his lips moving to her neck. Karen held onto him so tightly that her nails began to pierce the skin on his back.

He groaned as he nibbled on her neck and flexed his shoulder blades backward to ease some of the pressure from her nails. Inhaling loudly through her mouth, Karen pushed her neck into Robert’s teeth. “Bite me,” she said hoarsely. “Fucking bite me.” He opened his mouth only wide enough to capture her skin between both of his teeth. He loved feeling her pulse quicken on his tongue as he bit and sucked on her carotid artery.

Karen reached down between their bodies and cupped Robert’s balls. She ran her finger along the line between his scrotum and ass, pressing against his prostate gland. He moaned against her neck before releasing his grip on her. He roughly shoved her body away from him, under him and onto her stomach. He held both her hands over her head with one of his hands, using his other to part her legs. “Yes,” Karen whispered into the sheets. “You know what I like.” Robert smacked Karen’s ass hard enough to leave his hand print. She arched her back, raising her ass into the air, her knees pushing into the mattress. The look of Karen’s raised ass caused Robert’s cock to twitch and his heart race. He leaned over and kissed her ass as he slid a finger into her pussy. She gyrated on his finger for just a brief moment because he removed it quickly to push her ass down; causing her legs to straighten before he smacked her cheeks again. “Give it to me,” Karen moaned as she wiggled beneath him.

“Give you what?” Robert teased and he massaged her cheeks with his free hand.

“My best orgasm ever,” Karen breathed heavily. “You know how to do it, baby.”

Robert flipped Karen over, licked his palm and wiped it on her pussy. He placed both hands around her neck as she wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles. His shaft plunged into her with the right amount of friction to heat up her hot spot and lengthen his rod. Karen reached around Robert’s arms to find his chest. She pitched his nipples hard enough for him to grind his teeth. He watched her eyes as he choked her; their bodies moving as one. The wave didn’t ebb and flow, it surged higher and higher.

Robert removed one hand from Karen’s neck to wrap an arm around her waist. He rested on his heels, her pussy in time with his rhythm as she continued twisting his nipples. Karen unlocked her ankles from behind his back and he lifted them to place both of her legs over one of his shoulders, twisting her body to one side, tightening her hot spot. The hand that was around Karen’s waist pushed her thigh onto the mattress, pinning her down on her side; the other still around her neck. Twisted and breathless she was unable to reach his chest. Karen reached around her body and gripped Robert’s thigh, pulling him further into her, harder, faster. “Yes,” Karen said softly through the grip Robert’s hand had on her throat; knowing she needed to control her breathing.

“You want it, don’t you, babe?” Robert said through his bared teeth. “Give me yours first. You know I want it.” He watched Karen’s eyes begin to roll up into their sockets, driving into her as hard as he could; holding her thigh down tightly against the mattress. Karen opened her mouth, breathing in and out slowly, hand still gripping his thigh; her nails digging into his flesh and drawing blood. Her pussy muscles contracted as her body bucked underneath him, tightening his hold on her neck. Karen deliberately exhaled slowly as the edges of her vision dimmed. “Good girl,” Robert said as he smacked her ass and released the grip on her neck. His cock driving in and out of her fresh wetness as he watched her eyes regained focus. “God, you’re so wet,” Robert said through his teeth as he looked down and saw his shaft glistening from her juices.

“My turn,” Karen said barely audible. “Where do you want it,” Robert asked as he shifted her legs to open them on either side of his body. He placed each hand on the back of her knees and pushed her legs toward her until her knees were resting on her own chest. Robert drove deeper when her breath became rapid with the words, “inside me.” The tip of his dick swelled and released with such force that it felt as if hot wax was being pumped into her body. He stilled deep inside of her with a loud groan as she gripped his hips to keep him in place. He slumped onto her frame, his face in her hair as her hands roamed up and down his back.

Robert kissed her neck, pushed himself onto his knees and watched his love flow from between her lips. His fingers opened her hot spot to see his juices, mingled with hers, run out and down toward her asshole. He placed a finger in their mix and Karen leaned up to grab it. “Me, first,” she said. “The lady is always first.” He let her suck his finger before tracing her hot box with it again. Karen leaned back while he played with her pussy and in their juices. Robert lengthened his body against hers, careful not to put his full weight on her, traced her mouth with his finger and gently kissed her. Their tongues danced around and sucked each other’s lips. Robert and Karen smiled sleepily at each other and with a passionate kiss, not knowing when it ended, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The end.

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