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Foreplay is the Best Play: The Couple Unites – Part 3 of 3 (#SexSaturday)


Lady’s First – Part 1 of 3 

The Gentleman’s Turn – Part 2 of 3

Robert’s lips found hers and he plunged his tongue into her mouth. Karen could still taste her sweetness on his lips. He regained the hold on her hair and gently yanked her head backward; his lips moving to her neck. Karen held onto him so tightly that her nails began to pierce the skin on his back. Continue reading

What’s the Game (#DatingNotDating #RelationshipAdvice)


Dating as a middle-aged person can be challenging and confusing. The former due to unrealistic expectations that peers would be more or less situated in their lives and want to settle down, given they’d want to spend time with you and get to know you first as a person rather than an immediate sex partner. The later due the absence of the former. Continue reading

A Face in the Crowd (#ToxicRelationships #LetItGo)


(quote by Deondriea; article below written by Dion Lorah)

We could have been born into the same family, friends closer than some family members, childhood acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, have had casual sex, dated long-term, or even been married. Whatever the case, I had an emotional connection to you. A part of me was bonded to you regardless of how little or how much we actually spoke. A piece of my heart was always with you.

Continue reading