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Dating Disillusionment (#DatingNotDating)

I find dating, or trying to date, very disheartening. It seems to me that men don’t “court” women anymore. They seem to expect sex after one or two dates as if a plate of food is payment for my body. I’ve heard from men that they don’t want to waste their money “dating” if they’re not going to get anything in return.

Kat Williams - Dismissed

What ever happened to getting to know a person?


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Website Building (not a writer’s dream)


I’d much rather be typing up a story, but …

Today, 10/12/15, I purchased the domain name, set up email, updated my Twitter and FB Page accounts with contact information, and began building this WordPress site. I’ve built a blogger site, then switched that over to WordPress, so this wasn’t as much as a chore as when I previously did it. I’m really only posting this to have something here on my site, to let you know that I’m here and working on it. I appreciate your patience during this building process and will have something up soon for you to do some “real” reading.